Spring Downloader



Lobby integration

Spring Downloader Features

  • Downloads maps and mods, optionally for current or hosted games
  • Uses torrent system and/or existing spring websites with multiple parts simultaneous download to get the file
  • Optionally seeds rare maps/mods for other people when they need them
  • Optionally integrates with teamspeak system (sends team setup when game starts, so that you can be put into teamspeak rooms with your allies)
  • Optionally sends mod error to developers
  • Self upgrades

Rapid modules manager

  • allows you to pick packages to install and keeps them up-to-date automatically
  • content is shared between packages and updates are incremental (wont redownload whole mod again)


Widget Manager module

  • Browse an online widget catalogue
  • Install/Remove widgets
  • Update your widgets

Widget Manager Screenshot

Missions Module

  • Play and rate missions created by users with the MissionEditor
  • Download the required map and mod with one clic


CA module

  • now obsolete, shows CA changelog and poll

FAQ / common problems

Read SpringDownloaderFaq