Weapon Standardization

This page is to outline standards for the effects, behaviours and nature of weapons in CA. All the visual aspects of weapons should reflect meaningful gameplay difference. This covers damages, accuracy, e-drain and all aspects of weapon behaviour, and conveying that information to the player through visualsin an intuitive and standardized fashion.

There needs to be consistency in order to make the game easy to understand. A weapon type should behave similar no matter whose shoulder its mounted on. IE You've got your unguided rockets, arcing missiles, tracking missiles, etc. Make tracking missiles be the weapon that targets land and air. Then I don't have to think about which unit can shoot where. I will know that Jethro, Defender and Samson all have "tracking missiles." Different ranges and damage maybe but the same behavior.

Licho's offtopic: check some interesting effects in other mods. Muzzle flash/effects in XTA, some missiles in XTA etc..

What should take energy to fire?
  • All Statics
  • Specific weapon types (IE heatray, beamlasers) on mobiles and statics (licho, Evil4Zerggin, saktoth)
  • Specific weapon types on Statics
  • Arbitrarily chosen units (Non-standardized, lets make CA more confusing!)
  • All or most weapons, in varying degrees by weapontype

Evil4Zerggin: I'll look into enabling energy drain for laser bombers. I think attaching the energy drain to the fake bomb will work.

Special Damages

At current (r1446), these are the special damage standards:

  • Dedicated anti-air weapons do 10% damage to ground (has not been updated in a while).
  • Anti-ground weapon damage versus air is essentially random.
  • Mines do 1 damage to mines and minesweepers.
  • Commanders and planes take 1% EMP damage.

Anti-Ground Damage Versus Air

Currently there is no standard for this. Some examples of damages versus air as a percentage of anti-ground damage:

  • corrl (mostly AA): 200%
  • armsam (mixed): 100%
  • armflash: 52%
  • corpyro: 22%
  • corgator: 17%
  • armllt: 11%
  • corgol: 9%

Some of the possible options:

  • Make all anti-ground weapons do a low percentage (perhaps 10%) to air. Allow all weapons to try to fire at air, unless they have a great chance of harming their side by doing so (e.g., high splash or high energy cost to fire and low chance of hitting).
  • Use onlyTargetCategory = "NOTAIR" to keep most or all anti-ground weapons from firing at air, either with or without special damage versus air.

Whatever we decide, I can probably script it using CAEdit. Example output: http://pastebin.com/m4fea11e


  • Each type of beam has a common beamtime, reload time, and color (distinct from other types).
  • Weaponvelocity is proportional to range (for Core). Thus, range can be inferred from the length of the laser bolts (duration), and time-to-target is also the same.
  • Energy is proportional to damage.
  • A note on tags: beamTime affects beamlasers, duration affects beamWeapons.
  • Arm blue continuous beam.
    • No energy to fire (except statics).
    • Short range (< 450).
    • RGBColor 0 0 1 (blue, needs new colour?).
    • ~10 shots per second. (Perhaps decrease this, so that it is not quite as good vs air?)
      • I'm not sure this will help much; it's not like the aircraft is actively dodging, so firing at a lower rate for more damage per shot isn't going to be terribly different from the current setup as far as anti-air effectiveness.
        • Check out the HLT. It predicts the movement of the unit and shoots at where the unit will be in the middle of the beam- it will simply miss a fast unit. And gunships DO actively dodge. -Sak
          • E4Z: I see what you mean now. Maybe double damage and reload time then?
  • Arm rapid-fire laser
    • How is this meaningfully different from the continuous beam laser, other than its e drain and visuals?- Sak
      • E4Z: I'm thinking we can make the blue continuous beam anti-ground and the teal laser anti-air.
    • Beamtime 0.01.
    • Energy to fire = damage / 10.
    • RGBColor 0 1 1 (teal).
    • 10 shots per second.
  • Arm high-energy laser.
    • Beamtime 0.6.
    • Energy to fire = damage / 3.
    • RGBColor 1 0 1 (magenta)?
    • 1 shot per 4.5 seconds.
  • Core red beamweapon (Machinegun? Tracer fire? Gauss Rifle? Mass Driver? Its not a laser...)
    • Duration 0.02.
    • No energy to fire (except statics).
    • RGBColor 1 0 0 (red).
    • 5 shots per second per firing point.
    • Weaponvelocity = range * 4 (unless anti-air).
  • Core heavy beamweapon (How is this meaningfully different from Core red beamweapon, other than its e drain and visuals? Does it reflect damage? Damage should probably be standardized- Sak)
    • Duration 0.03.
    • Energy to fire = damage / 10.
    • RGBColor 1 0.25 0 (orange).
    • 5 shots per second per firing point.
    • Weaponvelocity = range * 4 (Core).
  • Core high-energy beamweapon (ditto)
    • Duration 0.05.
    • Burst fire; burst length 0.2.
    • Energy to fire = damage / 3.
    • RGBColor 1 1 0 (yellow)?
    • 1 shot per 4.5 seconds.
    • Weaponvelocity = range * 4.
  • Core heat ray.
    • Needs some kind of air distortion effect, something better than just rapidfire pink beamweapons (Perhaps a new texture for the beamweapons?).
    • Damage falloff over range (dynDamageExp 1),
    • Accuracy 512.
    • Duration 0.3.
    • Energy to fire = damage / 10.
    • RGBColor 0.6 0.2 0.4 (purplish).
    • ~10 shots per second per firing point.
    • Weaponvelocity = range * 2.
  • Tachyon accelerators (Needs non-nonsense name) (Evil4Zerggin: We could always go with the classic "ion cannon")
    • Beamtime 0.06.
    • Energy to fire = damage / 2.
    • 1 shot per 6-20 seconds.
    • RGBColor 0 0 1 (blue- needs new colour? Same as arm beamlaser).
  • Lightning (Damage)
    • RGBColor 0 0 1 (blue with a white core?)
    • Energy to fire = high? (would make sense)
  • Lightning (EMP)
    • RGBColor 1 1 0 (yellow)
      • We happy with this new effect?:

  • Energy to fire = high? (would make sense)


  • "Max gravity" means weaponvelocity2 / range. This is the maximum gravity at which the weapon can strike out to its maximum range horizontally. See Ballistics for details.
  • Plasma.
    • Default color.
    • Max gravity >= 150.
    • Other stats variable.
  • Arm EMG.
    • >= 512 accuracy/sprayangle.
    • RGBColor 1 0.95 0.4 (pale yellow)
      • Saktoth: Ive always hated this colour. It should match with the muzzle flare, IE orange, IMO.
        • Evil4Zerggin: I suspect the original idea was to distinguish it from normal plasma. I'm not particularly attached to the current color, but I would like it to be different than regular plasma.
        • Saktoth: We could use ceg to give it a sparkly effect or something totally different, see Evo's cegs. In OTA it flashed yellow/red and had spikes if i recall correctly.
        • Evil4Zerggin: Since Quantum indirectly introduced me to color maps, I'm going to try a color map based on color temperature.
    • 6-10 shots per second.
    • Weaponvelocity? High.
  • Core riot.
    • High splash.
    • Lineofsight.
    • Different color? More reddish?
    • Reloadtime ~2s.
    • Weaponvelocity? High.
  • Arm gauss.
    • Lacks splash (areaOfEffect 16).
    • Line of sight.
    • Visual tags:
      • Alphadecay 0.12.
      • cegTag gauss_tag_l, gauss_tag_m, or gauss_tag_h (for light, medium, and heavy).
      • explosiongenerator custom:flash_teal7 (may try to make a better effect).
      • RGBcolor 0.5 1 1 (pale teal).
      • Separation 0.5.
      • Size 0.8.
      • SizeDecay -0.1.
      • Stages 32.
    • Max gravity 900-1000.


  • Rockets
    • Unguided
    • Slow (Speed can vary, for gameplay reasons).
    • Black trail? Shorter trail? Short, particle-based trail?
    • Larger model?
  • Missiles

jK: i would like to see this effect, but you can't change the size of the flare of missles atm

  • Guided (guidance can vary, for gameplay reasons.
  • Hits air.
  • Engine FX?
  • Wobble Missiles
    • Blackdawn/Catapault style.
    • Delicious 'crunch' on impact
    • Awesome orange explosion
    • Unique model (pod-like appearance?)
  • Cruise (vlaunch) Missiles
    • Go up?
    • Even larger model!