Tourney Registration

Here you can register yourself for the next tournament. You need an Account on for this.
Please consider the following Rules:

*If you register yourself, don't delete someone others.
*You must come to the preset time. If you aren't there, You registration will canceled.
*Check for CA Updates directly after you signed up.

The Channel you must join is (without "") "#catournament". If someone drops, he loses (sorry, but there isn't an alternative). If a game ends, tell in the tournament channel who wins. The loser from the last game can spectate the next games, if the players allow that.

To register yourself in a tournament, you must have an account on

Notice: maps are only defined for the upcoming tournament.

Next Tournament

Date: 15.02.08 (Friday)
Time: 14:00 GMT


1. Round: Small Divide
2. Round: Tartarus
Finals  : Sands of War V2


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