Retreat is a widget included in CA that adds a powerful command to your units. Retreat replaces TA's old land-at option for VTOLs (air units). Instead, all your units can retreat and they do not require a special structure to be built. Retreat involves two steps:

First, Units have a button will set them to retreat from battle to a safe point at 30%, 60% or 90% health. Right-click on the button to cancel the retreat order.

Second Builders and nano towers have a Set Retreat Point button. Click on it and choose a point on the map where you wish retreating units to go. A circle with an ambulance will mark the retreat point area. Multiple retreat points can be set throughout the map with different builders and your units will retreat to the nearest one. If no retreat points are set, your damaged units will stay in battle.


  • When setting a retreat point with a nano tower, it will set that nano to patrol on that point so it will work as normal. Be sure you set it within that nano tower's range (or at least within range of some patrolling nano tower) since that's where the units will retreat to.
  • When setting a retreat point with a mobile builder such as a construction bot or commander, the builder will be set to Repeat then Area-Repair. This means the builder won't actually go to the area until one of your damaged units walks into it, which would cost you repair time. Be sure to move the builder near the retreat point before setting it (or queue it up to move afterward).
  • The autoretreat widget is also included with CA. It will set a few pre-defined units to Retreat at 90% once they're built. These include mobile radars and jammers and a few other weaponless units. Autoretreat is disabled by default.
  • To set hotkeys for retreat, open up uikeys.txt in your spring folder and bind retreat to set retreat orders, luaui noretreat to cancel retreat orders and sethaven to set retreat points, to the keys of your choice.