Standardization of metal/energy/build time ratios

This ties into the larger question of what we want our whole economic structure to look like. We need to know what we want as to the following:

  • How quickly do we want the economy to "saturate"? At what point should economic expansion stop?
  • What is the role of energy? What does it add to the game?
  • How important should territory be to the economy?

Depending on what we want, many economic models are possible.

  • Current ratios should be examined. Current differences should be built into a logical system.
  • Standard by unit role (scout, raider, assault, bomber, constructor etc).
    • What about structures? Just have perhaps 3 different classes of fast vs slow building structures?

Licho: it doesnt work that way, l1 fact have very small e/bt costs. Mexes and other stuff have small ratios too. MM have extremely high e costs for metal. Nukes,antikues and shields everything wildly different ratios

Saktoth: So we just need a few classes for e/bt too. Metalmakers and facs can be a special case (unless we decide to charge an overhead for an MM econ- perhaps we should!). I think with the t2 buildtimes, any differences there that we destroy are probably for the best and just demonstrate a messy irrational system.

Current Values

Energy Per Metal

Time Per Metal

Current observations:

  • Scout e/m cost is around 10. bt/m 33.
  • Raider e/m cost 7.5. bt/m 66
  • Constructors e/m 13. bt/m 33

Licho: we did this standardization once.. it was different per factory and per unit type and per unit tech level. Some special units had high e or bt costs etc. But even sublte changes were game breaking and it felt completely different.

  • Saktoth: A lot of units already have pretty standard e/m/bt ratios. Were you attempting to keep close to the current numbers? An examination of different units ratios and then making special cases for those units which are exceptions (where that makes sense) should be fine. I cant imagine that the changes would be more than 10% here and there, for most units. One of the major problems we have right now is the 100 monkeys 100 typewriters issue, where the ratios are set almost arbitrarily and at differnt rates by different people. The almost identical bt/e costs of the arm LLT despite costing 30% less m is a good example.

Licho: Standardization will lead to predictable m/e drains so sudden spikes/stall when you build something "weird" wont be so common. But I like those e stalls if you build AA defenses or air. So there should be plenty room for different categories.

Evil4Zerggin: I've added a comma-separated values (CSV) dump of all resource costs as well their ratios to metal. Also, CAEdit now has an include that generates a CSV of all units for tags that you specify.

Evil4Zerggin: Extracted all unit costs again, this time with human-readable names. This is what I entered into SpringModEdit to get this:

GetsUnitCSV({"name","buildCostMetal","buildCostEnergy","buildTime",}, nil, "Name,Metal Cost,Energy Cost,Time Cost")