The CA Downloader is an easy way to keep your CA up to date with the latest shiny models, gameplay, and balancing.

Get it here (click).

To use it, simple double-click on CA, and wait. After it's done downloading, either close/open, or use the "Reload Maps/Mods" option in your lobby client for the new CA to show up.

Originally written by aegis. It's based on Python, and should work on versions Python 2.3 to 2.5, including on Windows.

Optional information:

  • You may need to edit the config section of the script to get desired results, or pass the paths as command-line options.
  • Command-line usage: python [directories to scan] [destination directory (automatically included in scan)] revision|latest|stable|cleanup
  • If you delete older versions of CA, it will load faster in exchange for slower updates if old files are re-added. Deleting the latest one will result in a very long download since there will be no locally cached files.
  • It might use 80-100 MB of RAM/page file, will be fixed soon.