Names have been chosen!

Game name: Zero K
Faction names: Logos (Core) and Nova (Arm)

Old Stuff

Game Name

  • Greek Words: Exousia
  • Buzzword Combos: Quantum Wars

Buzzwords: Eclipse, quantum, metal, steel, dark matter, war, universe, digital, chaos, apocalypse, robot, death, epoch, apex. Choose 2-3 of these, mix and match.


  • Gods: Eos, Eros, Helios
  • Greek words:
  • Latin words: Creo, Talus, Nova, Recro
  • Words from other languages: Neo
  • Misc: Aurora, Aleph, Interstellar Federation of Sailing Robots


  • Gods: Thor
  • Greek words: Logos
  • Latin words: Tantus
  • Words from other languages:
  • Misc: Bato Corp.

Consensus is that Eclipse:

  • is best, though a one-word alternative that can be no.1 on Google is preferred. One of the more well-liked titles was Eclipse: Paradise Lost.

Saktoth: That doesnt sound like an RTS to me, more like an RPG or FPS. It also makes no fucking sense.

Kaine: I like Nova and Logos ("Logic" in greek, fyi) for the names, Eros (something else in greek) was also dicussed as an Arm name awhile ago but I didn't think it had the same impact I was looking for. As for a game name, I don't think we have enough to name a good one. A good name for a game, book, or movie always comes from something deep in the storyline. Like a commonly used metaphor or a thought provoking quote (IE: To Kill a Mockingbird, nothing about how to kill mockingbirds in that story disapointingly). If we name CA, its gotta be something that comes from its storyline. Also something original and google owning is a plus.

Saktoth: Problem with Logos is, its like the plural of Logo and thats probably how most people read it (You guys tell me, is that how you read it?) and Nova is rather common.

Kaine: Exousia. Greek for Control. Alternatly could be translated as "Commander" or "Power" or even "Power of Choice". Complete definition  here.

Just thought it was worth a mention. :)

Marmoth: to stay in greek Catharsis, which means purification. Can be combined with other words like "Catharsis Cosmos", "Catharsis galaxia" or "Fire Catharsis", "nuclear catharsis"... (it also starts with "CA" letters, which is fun). It could even be called CA-Tharsis (Tharsis is an enormous volcanic plateau on mars, which fits to the theme and provides a very nice base for designing the logo aso). There is three mountains on this plateau whose name could be faction names: Arsia, Pavonis and Ascraeus. (source Wikipedia).

Saktoth: We cant use Catharsis, it doesnt mean purification, it has a modern meaning, more like an emotional release. Its really not very appropriate.

CarRepairer: Universe in Chaos: Dark Reign of the Digital Apocalypse. Episode 1 - Cathartic Eclipse of Eros: Epoch of Exousia. or... Quantum Wars: Nova vs. Logos. I like Quantum wars because it is a tribute to our great founder, and people make a stink when we name stuff after ourselves which is fun.

Saktoth: Fox and i founded CA. Quantum wars is an ok name though, its a bit 'cute' but perhaps thats alright.

Neddie: Well, KDR hit on Ecce Machina, which beats everything listed here for recognition and relevance.

Nate (ScarySquirrel?):

Firstly, from what I can tell of the ARM analogue's man-worship, "Exousia Catharsis Galaxia" seems like something they would say. Ecce machina seems like a cool name whose meaning will be easy enough to make recognizable. Also, Marmoth has some great ideas for names. I will make Arsia, Pavonis and Ascraeus into names of parts of the ARM military. Since the Core-analogue, rather than worshipping man, claims to have improved upon him, I think we can afford to make their names for things more clinical. Many of their differences between Core and Arm are similar to those between R2D2 and C-Threepio. For instance, CORE probably refer to planets by names indicative of their spectral analyses of its primary stars, mass, structure, and resources. Where the Core might file a report like, "Neutralized enemy forces associated with control of Heavy-Gas-Cold-Metal-8 of star H-He-Na-122 of SubSector? 18827 with acceptable losses.", the Arm might report, "At great cost, we have captured the planet Uranus in the Sol system, of Galactic Sector 234422." If we come up with enough suggestions we'll find something that fits the storyline. Remember the monkeys with typewriters that produce the works of Shakespeare metaphor? The the forums and wiki be the typewriter, and the works of shakespeare be the Game, Side, and unit names. I think we all know where we'll find the monkeys.

Saktoth: Both factions worship man.

det: Sacred Code
det: Wrecked Universe


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