General Unit Sound Effects

My Sound Editor of Choice

Audacity screenshot *Audacity. Its free, open source, very easy to use, and while not feature "packed" it can do more then enough. It's especially useful for simple tasks such as converting or volume changing.

Advanced sound editors/designers/creators

Unused Sound Effects

Here are some links to sound effects that Ive discovered but can't really decide where to put them in CA. All are wavs of quality sampling (likely to much for spring, can be toned down with something like Audacity) and I think are relatively good. All the packs from freesound are released under Creative Commons (We can use them no problem, but we have to give credit). Awesund one is the same. Please have a listen and consider them for any new units we implement, or even ones that exist.

  • Inferno's Unit FX - Good general unit fx pack, highlights are some explosions and corny lasers.
  • Awesund's Gaming Soundmods - Bunch of sound packs meant for other games, but still free to use by anyone. I actually commited one of the packs in the sounds folder but it still hasn't been used.
  • Nanoblobs Argh has recently released the final version mod under a new PD license. Most of the content is original sounds, bitmaps, and effects that we could use.

-More to come perhaps...

Suggest Sound Effects to Replace

*You may suggest non-gpl sound effects here that may particularly bug you and want replaced, and I can keep an eye out for a new one that matches the unit.

Licensing arguement

(I dont even know why we should keep this...)


CC is discussed now multiple times on the forum and i don't want to unroll it ... but we can only use of GPL and PD content (yeah, i know there is less GPL media/sounds around :<), so if you search sounds check other GPL games/apps. Some sounds of other GPL projects are already in ./sounds, also most of those games have many more sounds, so check them ;) Also it is very easy to modify sounds with Audacity and creating new sounds that way.

KingRaptor: We can use CC-PD, AFAIK including sound files (ie. not a script or anything code based) regardless of license counts as aggregation under GPL and should work for us.

Kaine: Quoting the freesound deed summary,

"You are free:

  • To sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform this work for commercial or noncommercial purposes.
  • To perform, display, and distribute copies of this whole work for noncommercial purposes (e.g., file-sharing or noncommercial webcasting).

Under the following conditions:

  • You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
  • You may not use this work to advertise for or promote anything but the work you create from it.
  • For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web page. "

Why would we not be able to use CC sounds? CA is non commercial, were not advertising for anything else besides CA, and we are going to give credit. Where are you getting the idea that CA can't use CC content?

jK: 5 reasons not to use CC license for code see reason 4 and debian's CC statement

Kaine: Most those reasons you just gave only apply to code, and the rest only apply if we are planning to give CA a creative commons license, which we arent. The sounds themselves are even designed for video games. Infernos UNIT fx, SmCamerons?? VIDEO GAME sounds, they were obviously intended for games, and CA could really benefit from non TA sounds. As KingRaptor said, perhaps if we were talking about code you would be correct, but these are sound effects.

jK: Oh man! read more than the topic, please! quote: Creative Commons is pretty plainly GPL incompatible. ... Even the least restrictive Creative Commons version ... allows the original author to remove the original copyright notice from derivative works. (and thus it is not GPL compatible!) and debian don't want any CC in their package management system! (coz it is not free)

Kaine: Again, you have addressed neither of my points. All of your arguements only apply to code, while these are sound files, audio, wav's, things that make noise. And that these sounds were designed for games in the first place. Not to mention that we aren't dealing with any copyrighted content whatsoever. In fact, you aren't allowed to upload any copyrighted content to freesound whatsoever.

Saktoth: CC and GPL are COPYRIGHT licences. Its not 'copyright free', that PD (sorta...). Either way, we already use a bunch of CC images (smoths, afaik). We arent using CC for code, only sounds and images. GPL isnt appropriate for anything but code anyway, which is why people dont tend to GPL sounds and images. Anyway jK, you are the only person who disagrees with the 'mods are Aggregate' interpretation AFAIK.

quantum: Aggregate or not, debian still doesn't accept CC. Probably other distros have similar policies. We could use sound effects from other GPL games.

Kaine: So can we at least get some conclusion here? CC good? Bad? Sound/images good but everything else bad? Bad but nobody gives a shit? What are we going to decide on as a policy for CA?

Saktoth: I would suggest for all content that PD>GPL>CC>OTA, but i guess since an ultimate goal is to get into linux distros we must ensure the CC/GPL/PD stuff remains clearly marked.

quantum: I repeat, debian does not accept CC. I think we should not add new CC material to CA.

Saktoth: It doesnt accept OTA content either, only OTA content is actually illegal as well. Perhaps its a waste of dev time but its better to be free of OTA IP. If we cant get GPL sounds, CC at least makes us legal.

quantum: But we can get GPL sounds. There are really a lot. And CC might make us not legal depending on the aggregate interpretation. Changing sounds will be a sensitive matter with players, imo. Some will inevitably hate the new ones. We should not do that unnecessarily.

Saktoth: I concede the point, we should only be using high-quality GPL sounds.

Licho: try tapestra, its really easy to create completely new sounding fx from existing files. I tried llt sound for fun yesterday, really simple work.