Economic guide - managing the resource flow


  • stalling occurs if your resource demands are higher than income. There are 2 types of stalling. You stall when your resource bar is empty and red numbers below bar (resource pull) are higher than green numbers (resource income)
  • Metal stalling - this should be "normal" state. You should keep spending at slightly faster rate than your income rate.
  • Energy stalling - energy stalling is very different from metal stalling. If you stall energy your economy stops completely. Your radars and jammers wont work, shields wont stop anything and many weapons wont fire. Also energy stall stops many of your metal extractor or causes them to work at lower speed. For these reasons try to not stall. Your energy should ideally hover somewhere near the end of energy bar.

Easy ways to prevent common stall

  • if you energy stall - disable cloaking and start building power (solars don't need energy to build).
  • if you stall by too much stop factory production or decrease amount of constructors assisting factory or change produced unit type (air and special units need much more energy)
  • if you need to build some structure quickly, dont forget to reduce number of units assisting constructor or even stop factory


  • excessing occurs when you have full resource bar and your income is greater than your spending rate
  • both metal and energy which are excessed are automatically sent to your allies, so resources are not lost
  • by clicking on resource bar, you can move red marker - anything higher than that mark is auto shared with allies

Easy way to prevent excessing

  • increase your buildpower (build more nano turrents and constructors to assist)
  • if you energy excess, build metal makers or upgrade mexes to moho mexes
  • if you excess due to temporary matters (you are reclaiming metal after battle), it's usually better to just build storage and not increasing buildpower capacity too much

Automatic management of moho mines and metal makers

  • CA includes "improvedMetalMakers" widget. This tool manages your energy spending by stopping and starting mohos and metal makers.
  • It's aim is to keep your energy hovering near top end.
  • For this to work well, don't forget to build enough energy storages.
  • If you see your moho mines stopped, build more energy sources.

Achieving good efficiency

As in most RTS games, peak economic efficiency is achieved by:

  • spend resources as quickly as possible - your metal level should be near zero
  • your economic investments are used - don't build too many constructors or nano towers. If you cannot use them, it's wasted buildpower.
  • your army is used - don't just build up army without attacking. It's similar but less obvious type of wasting. Of course you should not attack with inferior force - but you should attack as soon as you expect to do some serius damage. (Even 1 flea or peewee can do serious damage and distract oponent - see AggressionGuide). Your army can provide decent income by killing enemy units which you can reclaim for up to 80% of their metal!
  • keep expanding - you should split spending between economy and military. Economy should always be expanding, don't stop at +40metal or even +300metal - keep improving economy by building more energy structures and metal makers if you cannot build more metal extractors.
  • invest with as good returns as possible over desired timeframe - initially you should invest into stuff which provides quick returns with as high efficiency as possible. That basicall means wind powerplants and metal extractors. As your economic power increases you will come to a point when upgrading to moho mines and building fusions is possible. Eventually you will reach point where preffered way to expand economy is to build advanced fusion and advanced metal makers.