Auto grouping

Ever wished to have all fighters in group 7, all gunships in group 8, all raiders in 4 etc? Autogroup achieves just that..

  • Auto grouping is feature of CA (widget)
  • ctrl+alt+number - makes permanent "auto group" out of currently selected unit types
  • new units then join that group when they first become idle.
  • ctrl+alt+\ - removes currently selected unit types from autogrouping
  • autogrouping settings are automatically saved

Example use:

  • select peewee and warrior and press ctrl+alt+1
  • since then new peewees and warriors join that group when they first become idle (after reaching factory waypoint) - press 1 to select that group
  • if you then want to add zeus to autogroup 1, select it and press ctrl+alt+1
  • if you then want to remove peewee from autogroup 1, select it and press ctrl+alt+\

Selection Keys

In the spring folder (windows) there is a nice little program called 'SelectionEditor?.exe'. With the SelectionEditor? you can create complex unit selection shortcuts to suit your playstyle. It is fairly easy to use, select a key combination and edit it or create a new one. Note that 'In view' works like 'All Map' if you zoom out, so 'In view' is far more useful. You don't want to burden your memory with tons of extremely specific selections. You are better off with a few 'In View' commands which can be intuitively customised on the fly using different views (base, frontline, zoom out to see all map).

Useful default keys:

  • Ctrl-C selects your commander and focuses on him. Forgot where your commander is? Hit ctrl-c!
  • Ctrl-B selects an idle builder, you don't need fancy widgets to remind you of idle builders, just use this shortcut.
  • Ctrl-A selects all. Convenient in some situations, just please don't use ctrl-d with this when the battle is still going.
  • Ctrl-Z selects all units of the same type as those in the current selection. The most used command, by many players. Very useful for keeping your army together, getting re-enforcements, etc. Its strongly suggested that you customize your keys to remove builders (and perhaps commanders and buildings) from the selection, as several games have been lost simply due to 'whoops, cntrl z cons' (Destroying all their previous orders and putting the economy at a standstill).

Some ideas for useful selections:

  • Select all in view, must not be: builder, building or commander, type exists in previous selection, clear previous selection. I found this very useful in many situations. You can, for example, select a flash (from anywhere), zoom to the frontline, hit the selection and get all your flashes in frontline selected. You can zoom to your base and drag a box, hit the selection and quickly get a selection of all your mobile combat units in the base. I replaced the default ctrl-z with this.

Licho's selections:

  • ctrl+a - select all units
  • ctrl+b - select builders
  • ctrl+c - select commander
  • ctrl+e - filter out damaged units from current selection
  • ctrl+f - select combat aircrafts except fighters
  • ctrl+g - select air superiority fighters (arm)
  • ctrl+h - select emp bombers
  • ctrl+i - select all idle units from current selection (example ctrl+f, ctrl+i - select idle air)'
  • ctrl+q - select one unit from current selection
  • ctrl+r - select clear out workers from current selection
  • ctrl+s - select aircraft scouts
  • ctrl+t - select transport aircrafts
  • ctrl+v - select next idle worker (kind of . in AOE)
  • ctrl+w - select land combat units
  • ctrl+x - select high range land combat units (AA, arty)
  • ctrl+z - select all units of currently selected type
 Control_A AllMap++_ClearSelection_SelectAll+  
 Control_B AllMap+_Builder_Not_Building_Not_Commander_Not_Transport_Not_Aircraft+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_C AllMap+_Commander+_ClearSelection_SelectOne+ 
 Control_E PrevSelection+_Not_RelativeHealth_30+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+ 
 Control_F AllMap+_Not_Builder_Not_Building_Not_Commander_Not_Transport_Aircraft_Weapons_Not_NameContain_Hawk_Not_Radar+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_G AllMap+_NameContain_Hawk+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_H AllMap+_Not_Builder_Not_Building_Not_Commander_Not_Transport_Aircraft_NameContain_Stiletto+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_I PrevSelection+_Idle+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_Q PrevSelection++_ClearSelection_SelectOne+
 Control_R AllMap+_Not_Builder_Not_Building_Not_Commander+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_S AllMap+_Not_Builder_Not_Building_Not_Transport_Aircraft_Radar+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_T AllMap+_Not_Builder_Not_Building_Not_Commander_Transport_Aircraft+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_V AllMap+_Builder_Not_Building_Idle+_ClearSelection_SelectOne+
 Control_W AllMap+_Not_Builder_Not_Building_Not_Commander_Not_Transport_Not_Aircraft_Weapons_Not_WeaponRange_600+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_X AllMap+_Not_Builder_Not_Building_Not_Commander_Not_Transport_Not_Aircraft_Weapons_WeaponRange_600+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+
 Control_Z AllMap+_InPrevSel+_ClearSelection_SelectAll+

Custom Keybinds

You can bind custom keys in the 'uikeys.txt' in spring folder. Detailed instructions are included in the file. For those who want a quick tutorial, make sure the key you want to bind is not used (you can for example add line 'unbindkeyset ctrl+d' to the file to free the keyset ctrl + d). Then add your binding using 'bind ctrl+d selfd' for example.

You can remap the original keys to your liking, or add completely new commands.

Here's what I added:

  • bind ctrl+q buildunit_armllt - If you have a builder selected, hitting ctrl+q selects LLT
  • bind ctrl+q buildunit_corllt - Same for core
  • bind alt+q buildunit_armrl - Missile launcher
  • bind alt+q buildunit_corrl
  • bind ctrl+w buildunit_armrad - radar
  • bind ctrl+w buildunit_corrad
  • bind ctrl+e buildunit_armsolar - solar
  • bind ctrl+e buildunit_corsolar
  • bind alt+e buildunit_armwin - wind
  • bind alt+e buildunit_corwin
  • bind ctrl+r buildunit_armmex - metal extractor
  • bind ctrl+r buildunit_cormex
  • bind alt+r buildunit_armmakr - metal maker
  • bind alt+r buildunit_cormakr

Note that I put both arm and core versions in the same keyset. You could even add sea variants to the same keysets, but I chose not to, mainly because using hovers or amphibs could be confusing. Also note that these actions only apply to mods where such units exists (*A, excluding XTA iirc)

Khaos script

  • This is a template for advanced unit selection widgets.
  • It selects predefined unit types out of currently visible units
  • To configure it, place this file: unit_khaos.lua to your luaui/widgets and edit and change code to configure it