It is the eventual long-term goal of CA to totally replace all cavedog IP with entirely new content. New faction names, new fiction, new artistic style- though most of the gameplay will follow the current trends and designs.

This is a page for working out the basis for those designs, the groundwork, the concept art. We will need to create a new, consistent set of designs for all units, to keep CA coherent and attractive. None of these are finalized designs, they are just ideas being tossed around. If you model something based on them, this doesnt necessarily mean it will be used in CA. Right now we are looking for concept artists willing to work with us to shape the look of the mod.

Our primary focus is firstly that art must serve gameplay. Units must have designs that allow you to easily tell the type of unit and have an intuitive feel for its speed, weight, and HP. Different weapons should use easily identifiable models so that you can tell what weapon something has at a glance. However, each unit must be unique- we cannot use fully modular designs. Textures should be bright, with high contrast, shades running prettymuch all the way from black to white, to accentuate the models features as much as possible. Team colour must be bold, and obvious, allowing quick team differentiation.

Artists you should check out for inspiration (These are mostly for Arm designs): TA Redesign Project

Big Gun




Gun Ship

VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)

Unnamed T1 AA Bot