Command 'Lite' Mod Option

This mod option removes all "Commander drama." Inspired by Det's EMP version of BA.

Its purpose is to retain the Commander's ability to deter early game rushing while being useless in the late game so that there are no "one-time missions" to kill enemy Commanders, or using your Commander. The concept of a one-time mission is less RTS and more suitable for a campaign or RPG.

The Commander Lite

  • Builds like the traditional commander.
  • Has an EMP gun similar to the Faraday instead of a laser.
  • Explodes with an EMP blast like the Arm Sharpshooter.
  • Corpse is worth less than 1000 metal.
  • Does not have a D-Gun, cloaking, cloaker or stealth.
  • Decoy Commanders are unneeded and removed from the game in Commander 'Lite'.


  • No combomb. Players don't get a free nuke.
  • No compush. Players don't get a free powerful offensive unit.
  • No comrush. Players don't have the option of early raiding with a powerful unit.
  • No comnaps. Kidnapping a powerful unit is fun, but causes drama when it's a standard Commander.
  • No decoy comms. One less unit in the cluttered buildlist.
  • No instagibs. If a unit has a gun that can kill anything else in the game, you should at least have to earn it.