Chicken Defense is a mod option selectable using the LuaAI options in the bots list. There are three levels of difficulty: easy, normal and hard.


Intelligent biological life. Some think it a myth, a religious allegory, but Man, our creator to whom we are perpetually indebted, was biological. Yet what intellect and beneficence must Man have possessed to create us, to spark life itself from the dust of stars, as did He? How can a creature that shares the structure and nature of plants, bacterium and protozoa, the only biological life of which records exist in our vast databanks, possibly possess such traits?

Long we have searched the answer to these questions, long we have scoured the galaxy for any sign of the presence of intelligent biological life or, possibly, even Man himself, though some may see it as blasphemy to hope for as much.

Which brings us here, to this world. Scout reports are sketchy, but one of our deep probes has sent back word a of place teeming with biological life. We have dispatched a commander to investigate these claims.


To create a single-player and cooperative multiplayer scenario for CA based on an asymmetrical enemy, since AI's are too rubbish and too much work to get to play the game legitimately using scripts etc. Ideas are roughly taken from Tower Defense, Hero Defense and their ilk, though the point is not to use nothing but static defense - the whole game, all units and strategies, should have to be employed, and the player should have to expand across the map to hunt down and counter the enemy.


  • Single-player or cooperative team, possibly even competing teams (not a priority if this is difficult), on almost any map including water maps.
  • Utilizing the whole game as it should be played, all strategic and tactical options, including expansion, static defense, mobiles, all tech branches, AA, etc.
  • Various difficulties for a noob messing around or for experienced players to challenge themselves.
  • Scaling enemy that gets more powerful over time until a victory condition.

Outline for Saktoth's Model

Players start as normal, with a commander. Hives are spawned randomly around the map at regular intervals up to a cap. They take some time to mature, at which time they can be destroyed, but have a lot of HP (If one starts inside your territory you should dispatch a force to shut it down). Once mature, they begin to create units that head directly for the nearest player (giving them full LoS and roam is probably enough here).

Every time a certain number of hives are destroyed, the critters go to a further level with more hives and more unit types. Proposed unit types:

1. Small fast melee swarm unit (scout/raider). 2. Heavy melee unit (assault). 3. Ranged unit (skirmisher). 4. Air unit (air). 5. Artillery Unit. 6. Riot Unit. 7. Queen (endgame unit, massive, incredibly difficult to kill).

This is intended to mirror the unit classes in CA so that players get experience vs the full range of basic enemy types. Each tier presents a specific challenge (air, especially, when it is triggered you must have prepared enough AA, while Arty will kill a player relying too heavily on static defense etc).

If players destroy the hives aggressively, the game gets harder very fast. If players don't destroy the hives, they get overwhelmed. Balancing the two and being prepared for the challenges of the next tier and not triggering it before prepared are all important.

If the players manage to survive to summon the queen, she is krog-like (or more) and has some kind of counter to d-guns. Killing her ends the game in a victory. Alternatively, d-gun could be the -only- way to kill the queen, but she is so surrounded by spam and has such long range weapons that you have to fight hard to clear enough room to get a com close.

Eggs Mode

In Eggs mode, there are no mexes. Rather, metal is obtain by reclaiming the eggs produced when chickens and burrows are killed.

Proposed Revisions

KingRaptor's version

  • Chickens do not spawn all at once, but rather one by one (somewhat like units being built from a factory, but cannot be seen or killed until completed). Saktoth: Players need a respite between waves to regroup, expand, etc- just like a real game. This is how it used to work, waves are better.
  • During the phase before the wave, some of the chickens in the wave (vary with difficulty?) spawn one by one at burrows for a certain period of time. Built chickens patrol around burrows to protect it. After the timer is up, all remaining chickens in the wave insta-spawn and the chicken group attacks. Saktoth: Idle units make lag. Defenders discourage aggression.
  • Destroying burrows stops chickens from spawning there. The burrows respawn after some time (next wave on easy, max 2 mins on medium, 1 min on hard? numbers adjustable) and continue to produce chickens for the wave. Saktoth: Must be an incentive to kill burrows. So +1 but id rather a new structure.
  • Tubes are spawned incrementally, like chickens. If too many burrows are being killed, burrows spawn more tubes and less chickens. If few burrows have been killed over a certain period of time, spawn more chickens and fewer tubes. Saktoth: +1.

This would make Chicken Defense more like a proper CA game (attack enemy before he can produce his attack force, harass him to slow down production, etc.) and allow one to prepare for such things as Lobbers and Talons.
Saktoth: In a real CA game you have to take out an enemies mobile force before you can attack him. The best way to do this is to get him to attack you, which is what chickens do. With his mobile force dealt with on your terms, you are free to gain territory or hit his economy. You do NOT attack him WHILE he is massing, but rather after you have weathered his assault and have unit advantage. If chickens mass in their base, you'll never have unit advantage.