This page is for a more centralized discussion (unlike current wiki pages) that has more permanence (unlike discussions in lobby). Topics are rotated ad hoc.

Balance suggestions are proposed here for commenting.


Google Frog: Remove minelayers and make all arm cons able to build tick mine and all core cons able to build roach mine. This would happen with t1 kbots becoming the cap/rez bots so the t1 engineers aren't needed.

Saktoth: Imo mines should either be regular units made from all cons, or upgrades/abilities/morphs. Say, having a regular combat unit, weasel maybe, that can lay mines, letting roaches/etc morph into mines etc.

Capture/Rez on cons

Google Frog: Remove, capture is much more useful than rez and basically gives all arm cons a weapon. I think rez and capture should be given to 1 or 2 cons from arm and core (t1 kbots?) and the rest should lose it.

Saktoth: Agree, if capture exists, it should be a weapon, properly weaponized (auto-attack etc), on a dedicated unit (with the HP, speed and cost appropriate). Otherwise, its a useless ability on a constructor or its buildpower on a combat unit.

Sesmic Detection

Google Frog: Does anyone have any good reasons to keep it? See the disscussion in ticket 732


Smaller decloak radius? It's hueg liek xbox ATM (220, same as sniper!)
Saktoth: Unit needs to be totally rebalanced in a new role. Its just there as a placeholder.
Google Frog: It's an arm unit, good vs weak skirmishers but not much else.


  • Arm shield weaker repulse (ie. take more time to stop shot) Sak: Why? This just makes the deflection less reliable.
  • Core (T2) shield drain less E Google Frog: Arm sheilds recharge really really fast (20s for crabe and 7 for gateway). Increase recharge time. Also Crabe shield needs a bit less power. I agree that core sheilds are weak in comparison with arm.


Remove cloak capture !
KR: This would break consistency with all the other Arm cons.
Sak: Yes, remove it on all cons, weaponized constructors suck (esp in the sea).
Marmoth: Sak + 1 (what about core rez then?)


Google Frog: atm it's appearing really early in teamgames before antis are set up. If people are forced to make antis early on the game will slow down so I think the solution is to nerf nuke. It could have more reload time so you have a chance to quickly get anti if you are nuked without one and it could cost more.
KingRaptor: I could increase its cost to >9k, though an increased reload time would be pretty annoying.
Google Frog: what about increasing the cost of the missile and decreasing silo cost so silo + missile is still 9k. This way one base might be lost but by the time the second one is launched everyone has antinukes and the nuking team would make sure that they don't.


  • Take away its cloak. Yes, you heard me. Cloaking stealth jammer plane that has twice the workertime of T1 facs = do not want.
  • Sak: +1
  • Google Frog: Or make decloak radius really big so it can't sneak into bases but it isn't seen with random scouting. (marmoth: why not)
  • Sak: How about we stick this unit in the specops lab, where it fits, as a fast cloaked land constructor. Weaver loses its cloak, so now there are 2 cons. Its con bloat but a unit like this will fit better than as a plane imo (and the cloak will fit better than on the weaver). Core can possibly get an equiv.


  • Reduce cost? Increase HP?
  • Sak: Is this thing that UP? I dont think its HP needs a increase its already pretty hard to stop.

Moho Exploiter

KingRaptor: Apparently a noobtrap. I don't really like the unit anyway, what should be done with them?
Saktoth: There should be 'heavy' mexes that dont die like tissue paper. But the moho exploiter is just too much, it shouldnt be a serious defensive structure. I'd like to revise the regular exploiter too, and the twilight (which, at only 2x the cost of a reg mex, with cloak, jam, 6x the hp and an emp death, seems a bit too attractive). There should be a heavy mex whose job is mostly just to survive, rather than being an llt replacement like the exploiter.

CarRepairer: I almost thing we should drop twilight and exploiter altogether. Twilight is already a strange idea, cloaking a mex where there are limited spots to place them anyway. And now the red circle under it is back so it's even easier to spot if you know what you're doing. Exploiter should probably also go. Does it stop producing metal when it fires? I sometimes wonder if it's even cost effective in most scenarios. We should just have heavy armored mexes like Saktoth said.

Marmoth: I think twilight and exploiter should be kept. Perhaps with a bit lower hp. A heavy armored extractor (same hp as a fusion or somet