Basic Aggression

Why you should be attacking.

This is more a philosophy of how you should be playing, but if you want to be better at the game, one of the key principles is just to be aggressive. Its a war game, so fight! Put simply, you cannot win by defending. The only way you'll ever win by defending is boring the enemy to death. You'll have to attack eventually, so why not attack now instead of later? Sure, later you'll have more units and economy, but so will he.

But, attacking is also a sound economic decision. Metal is the most important resource. Metal Makers and Moho Mines are expensive and inefficient. The best ways to get metal is to expand and take Metal Extractors, or to fight the enemy and reclaim their wrecks. Thus, metal is territorial- you must always be trying to gain territory from the enemy to get more metal. This means aggression.

If you whore MM's or rush to mohos it gives you no advantage- the enemy can do the same thing, and will do so faster if he is more aggressive about taking mexes.

Take the situation of a 4v4. On one team, 3 players fight, one whores econ. On the other, all 4 fight.

Given equal skill, the 4 fighting players wll win- they will take more territory, more metal spots, and when they destroy their enemies they will get to reclaim all the wrecks (both from their own dead units, and the enemies). All it takes is 1 commander wreck and they have enough to tech- probably faster than the player who goes pure economy, and while having wiped out all his allies.

What if all players from team 1 porc defences, and on team 2 they attack all out?

Even assuming team 2 manage to take at least half the map (which, given a less offensive approach, is unlikely) an intelligent team 1 will see the amount of defenses they have, and know that this means less offensive units. Having the advantage in offensive units mean they need not fear attack from the enemy- they have more mobiles and can thus always beat him even with only token static defense. Team 2 can spend the rest on economy and teching, getting there much faster than the players who are devoting their resources to defenses.

Even though static defences are, on average, 2.5x as cost-effective as mobile units they must be spread thin over a larger area. This means an attacker can concentrate his forces on a single point in the defensive line (perhaps softening it with an artillery barrage), taking on only a fraction of the enemies turrets while the rest of the defensive structures sit idle and useless.

So attack. Its the only way to win.