How can you help:

  • play CA - playing CA supports mod most
  • CA needs high quality screenshots, videos etc - make some and create new ticket with them
  • add [CA] to your name tag to raise mod awarness
  • mention how you like CA / CA features in right moments anywhere (forums, lobby discussions)

General rules regarding PR:

  • always try to be nice, especially towards newbies, try to be helpfull and offer advice
  • allow spectators in game
  • try to put CA newbies into team expected to win
  • do not advertise CA when there is no open game waiting for people
  • do not state something you cannot prove easilly ("CA is more balanced" <- wrong), use facts instead ("T2 is cheaper in CA and moho economy is not tied to combat factory")
  • if you really want to say something subjective, don't forget to say that it is subjective (do not say "CA is more fun!", but "I have more fun in CA than in mod xx")
  • if faced with criticism, pinpoint factual errors/false statements in criticism and then just shut up, since your arguments will get ignored anyway :)

Using CaDownloader advertising module:

  • close down downloader, edit downloaderconfig.xml and change "Advertiser" to "true", start downloader
  • at any time (even when in TasClient) press CTRL+B to copy new ad line to clipboard
  • press CTRL+V to paste clipboard to TasClient (or any other lobby)

Line is taken from AdLines. It's updated every 2 minutes. Last message has 20% chance of being picked, second last 10% and rest is random. Line can also be customized using AdLine parameter in config.