Welcome to the home of Complete Annihilation

Complete Annihilation is a game for the Spring RTS engine. It has a sizable and active playerbase, while still being under intense development, with updates every day. To stay up to date, you should get the Spring Downloader to play (now included in the Spring installer). CA is based on several other modifications of Total Annihilation content (with the eventual goal of replacing it with original content, one piece at a time), thus it is a fully playable, relatively balanced and complete game.

CA Introduction

Design goals

  • A large range of viable tactics.
  • Larger emphasis on unit decisions/selections and their micromanagement.
  • Less emphasis on economy micromanagement (mex overdrive instead of TA's moho metal extractors and metal makers).
  • All units useful throughout the battle (T2 units dont replace T1 units - they work together).
  • Better visuals.
  • Powerful GUI enhancements to free your hands and allow you to focus on tactical decisions (air transports automatically ferry units from factories, units can be set to retreat when damaged, etc.)
  • Faster and more demanding gameplay (units move faster and unit selection is more important).
  • Unit differences achieved using game dynamics and not using special hidden damages/armor classes.

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